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I have been using IRIS for a while, and remain a little awed. It even seems to squeeze audio juice from poor recordings

Jonathan Margolis - Financial Times

IRIS Has Developed Software That Makes Sound More Immersive

Stephanie Mehta - Fast Company

IRIS Offers Users a Revolutionary and Immersive "Live Experience"

CBS News

IRIS works by re-synthesizing components of a track that are often lost during the digitization process

Rolling Stone

This Startup Makes MP3s Sound Like Live Music

Simon Chandler - Forbes

It's as if these sonic nuances are jars on a shelf, and we're able to pick each one up and scrutinise the label

Becky Scarrott - What Hi-Fi

Compressed digital formats give us convenience, but strip away the live, emotive qualities of sound. Music and audio content has never been so rich or so informative, yet it is being relayed through increasingly compromised audio standards. Sound has gone bad.


Following decades of research we present IRIS, a patented suite of technologies which harness our understanding of the science of sound and our neurological response; IRIS offers vastly improved audio quality, increased engagement and a heightened emotional response; enabling the world to Listen Well.

We license our suite of technologies to companies within the audio ecosystem, enabling partners to offer their users Sound Shaped By IRIS.


Red Bull Racing


IRIS is the official audio partner of Red Bull Racing Honda. IRIS supplies the team with audio enhancement software, communications equipment for the pit lane and sound improvement technology for race simulations.

IRIS software solutions are incredibly flexible.


Our technology works on all audio platforms: gaming, at home, at concerts, in headphones, and live. We don’t require special hardware, our algorithms work on any speaker or audio device. 

“We’ve made so many advances with technology, especially visually, but the one thing that has gone backwards is the sound element.”


Roger Taylor, drummer for Queen and IRIS investor

Listen and experience our immersive sound

IRIS technology unlocks the live dimension to take the listener back to the very room where the music was originally recorded.

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